All Hotel Guests Must Be 13 Years of Age or Older


A cornerstone for over forty years

For over forty years, the St. Francisville Inn has been a cornerstone within the Felicianas, offering lodging, dining, and a place to gather for local residents.  On April 1, 2019, The Inn re-opened after an extensive renovation which breathed new life into the Victorian landmark, including the addition of The Saint Restaurant & Bar (led by executive chef Michael Dardenne), an additional guest room, upgraded infrastructure, all new landscaping, and additional guest services, including room service.  Today, The St. Francisville Inn is once again the most popular boutique hotel and meeting place in the Felicianas, offering true 5 star lodging and dining.  Come enjoy poolside service, beautiful porches with rocking chairs, delicious meals, and craft cocktails nightly in The Saint.   The Inn is suitable for young adults 13 and older – 18 and older to enter The Saint’s Bar when accompanied by a parent.


Jim Johnston & Brandon Branch

Jim Johnston & Brandon Branch have a singular goal, which is to offer true five star lodging, dining, and entertainment. The reinvention of the St. Francisville Inn represents the seventh project for the duo. Each man brings a unique combination of skills that, together, have catapulted The Inn into a destination among both Southerners and Europeans alike.



The St. Francisville Inn represents a time when things were gentler, simpler, and more relaxed.  Guests took their time savoring home cooked meals, rocked in warm, Southern breezes under shaded porches, and warmed in the Louisiana sun as they sipped drinks around the pool.   Guests napped in the afternoons in preparation for the evening’s events and squeezed in every inch of fun during the night.    To us, it’s not about rushing around.  It’s about making the most of each guests’ time while they are here with us.

The Saint

The renovation of The Inn included the creation of its crown jewel, The Saint bar.  Located on the first floor, The Saint is one of the most beautifully decorated bars in The South, reminiscent of European pubs and legendary bars in New Orleans.  The Saint has quickly become a hot spot and there isn’t a better place to mingle with locals or spot an occasional celebrity than by the fireplace at The Saint. 


Nothing makes us happier than seeing guests savor the last bite of homemade sausage, ask for another cup of decadently smooth coffee, or smile when they taste a cocktail that was assembled just for them.  Dining at The St. Francisville Inn is an event, be it during our famous Sunday buffet or on a quiet weekday morning.  At The Inn, food is delicious and abundant, crafted with local ingredients wherever possible, and seconds are highly encouraged.


Every room was extensively renovated and redecorated with comfort in mind.  From plush  robes to Fiji Water to L’Occitane soaps and shampoos, we have thought of everything our discriminating guests might want or need.

Don't let us try to convince you.