A Bar Like It Should Be

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The Saint is the area’s only craft cocktail bar.  A combination of Victorian, English, and French decor, The Saint features the highest quality wines, spirits, and beers including Japanese whiskies, Scottish gins, and a wide variety of American bourbons and Mexican tequilas.  Small plates are available daily along with a specialty entree (served only in The Saint).  Our wine selection features popular wines from around the world, many of which are available by the glass.   The Saint is open 5 PM ’til 10 PM daily.  The Saint reopens at 7 each morning offering coffee, tea, bagels, fresh fruit, and yogurt.  Guests enjoy free WiFi, live news, and a roaring fire (when the weather permits) before the main dining rooms open at 8 to serve breakfast.  The minimum age to enter The Saint is 18.

The Saint is a great way to meet locals and enjoy specialty cocktails, unique beers, and soft jazz.  The Saint is a unique experience in the Felicianas and extremely popular.  First come, first served.  Reservations are not accepted. 

Tonight's Menu

Small Plates
Blue Cheese Kettle Chips
Hand Cut Chicken Fingers & Frites with Housemade Sauce
Hot Spinach Dip
Hot Pimento Cheese Dip
Parmesan Frites
White Wine Charcuterie Board

Sample Drink Menu

A Few of our Craft Cocktails

Afton Villa Flower
  Hendrick’s Gin, grenadine, club soda, lime

Sauvignon Blanc, rum, lemon juice, bitters

Cajun Martini
Nikka Vodka (Japan), raspberry liquer, pineapple juice

Saint’s Kiss
  Sparkling white wine, Grey Goose Vodka

Beer Selection
(Partial List)

Michelob Ultra
Bud Lite
Ghost in the Machine
Bourbon County Stout
Abita Amber
Tin Roof Voodoo
Holy Roller
Bernardus Abt 12
Blue Moon
Guinness Stout
Dolomiti Rosa
Southern Drawl

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