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Films at the Manship Theatre

December 4

Leave the X-Men to the megaplex. Each month, the Manship Theatre offers a slate of films, from modern classics to engaging new documentaries and locally-produced stories. Here’s what’s in store:

November 16: Parasite (2019)—Many regard Parasite, the first South Korean film to win a top prize at the Cannes Film Festival, as one of the best films of 2019. It follows an impoverished family who infiltrate the home of a wealthy family by presenting themselves as someone else entirely. 7:30 pm. $9.50.

November 17: Eyimofe (This Is My Desire) (2020)—This two-chapter film follows the lives of a factory worker and a hairdresser, both who are striving to find a better life by immigrating to other countries. 7:30 pm. $9.50.

November 18 and 20: Triangle of Sadness (2022)—When a luxury cruise ship sinks, only a few survivors remain trapped on an island—including a celebrity influencer couple. 7:30 pm on November 18, 2 pm November 20. $9.50.

November 22: Meet Me In the Bathroom (2022)—An immersive look into the New York City music scene of the early 2000s, which jump-started a new generation of music. 7:30 pm. $9.50.

December 4: Day of Daisy (Louisiana Premiere) (2022)—A high school librarian reevaluates her life and purpose, envisioning a new future for herself with the help of a local photographer she meets by chance. Written by and starring Baton Rouge local Jency Griffin Hogan, and directed and co-written by Alexander Jeffery. 2 pm & 6 pm (sold out). $9.50.


100 Lafayette Street
Baton Rouge


December 4